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TeleTag : Automatic vehicle identification (AVI)

STid has developed an innovative range of RFID readers and passive identifiers for automatic vehicle identification. This innovative long distance identification solution provides outstanding performances such as the identification of static and moving vehicles at a great distance (up to 10m / 33 feet).


Operational principle

Teletag has been designed especially to be installed behind the windscreen. Thanks to its intelligent fixing system it can be installed either permanently or in a removable way and is suited to any type of stand. Its identifiers can be randomly pre-coded with a unique serial number or blank and programmable (enabling a sequential encoding).

STid UHF readers can be easily installed and are fitted to identification conditions and environment. STid's range of readers perfectly answers to all your needs in terms of vehicle identification whether you are looking for an integrated single antenna, a remote one or a multiway identification.

Thanks to the different communication interfaces no electronical setting is needed to install the URD and the system is immediately compliant with the existing access control systems.



The numerous performances of STid's identifiers and readers provide a wide choice of applications for vehicle identification: parking lot access control system for static or moving vehicles (free-flow), automated systems of vehicle authorization, fleet management, etc.


Client benefits

STid's range of readers and identifiers enables you to secure your accesses and checkpoints through an automatic free-flow identification. Moreover thanks to vehicle contactless identification you are able to put in place the management of your fleets.