RFID Technologies for security and tracking solutions
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People access control

Access control is all about protecting people, property, valuables and data. The more valuable the items to be protected, the more important it is to have confidence in the system. When choosing a card/reader technology, it is important to state some simple yet fundamental requirements:

  • Not allowing third parties the opportunity to copy or reproduce access badges without supervision.
  • Not depending on a third party to create your access cards.
  • Preventing the substitution or emulation of a tag.


SIS: Secure Identification System

STid has developed the Secure Identification System (SIS), an easy for implementing a secure information chain to protect your access control application. Security at the heart of the SIS is based on the use of private encryption keys. Managing these keys is a vital issue. The SIS is used to define, manage and safeguard the encryption keys that protect your data, to ensure:

  • Freedom: define keys and create master badges without needing to use an outside contractor.
  • Confidentiality: no one needs to know the keys to use or operate them.
  • Independence: no need to depend on a third party to upgrade the system, card security settings or purchase new cards


High security, a global concept

The ID badge is your key. It is the first link in a security chain, which needs to be consistent and uniform, comprising the badge, reader and system.


Technological independence

Secure Identification System is open and can be used with all access control systems. It uses tested public security algorithms and interoperable technologies based on international standards.


Multi-technology SIS range


High security reader range

The SIS reader range supports many different cards and identification technologies concurrently to help you set up security more easily in your existing systems. This range of High Security readers enables to simultaneously read and write all NXP chips: Mifare Ultralight, Classic (1ko, 4ko), Ultralight C, Mifare Plus (S & X, 2ko & 4ko), DESFire et DESFire EV1. It also supports some particular products such as the CPS3 card (IAS protocol), Moneo and NFC transactions.


Hybrid High security reader range

A must-have reader for all technology migration projects!

STid has developed the new Hybrid bi-frequency reader range that gives you the best of both worlds for your security applications and migration projects.

As this range of Hybrid readers make it possible to simultaneously read the main RFID technologies (125 kHz + 13.56 MHz and 3.25 MHz + 13.56 MHz) it also enables to:

  • Upgrade an existing technology and help it to partially or totally migrate. Thanks to this new range of readers you can adopt a new technology that is more secured whilst keeping the old one in the same building or manage different sites at the same time.
  • Have an optimized management of an inhomogeneous user fleet (with cards using different technologies). Using only one reference product will thus make it easier to manage the stock of user cards.


Easy, fast and secure implementation.
SECard, the software tool to keep control of your security

The SECard software can be used installation and integration contractor and other users to easily:

  • Create master cards for programming readers
  • Securely program user cards
  • Manage security configurations.




Easy implementation

Only 3 steps for a successful implementation:

  • Step 1: Create the configuration card and define the encryption keys.
  • Step 2: Program the user cards with the specified encryption keys.
  • Step 3: Program the readers with my configuration card - they will now only read my cards