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Femme SmartphoneYour smartphone becomes your access key!

With increasing mobility in businesses, a technological revolution is underway, based on interconnected resources, shifting access control towards new uses and equipment. Smartphones offer new possibilities for interacting with access control readers.



STid Mobile ID

In this context, STid is reinventing access control, making it more intuitive for users, via its award-winning solution, STid Mobile ID®




How does STid Mobile ID® work?

STid Mobile ID® is a secure and user-friendly identification solution, which moves access cards onto Android™ and iOS® smartphones, alongside or instead of traditional RFID cards. It includes a free mobile app, latest generation multi-technology Architect® Blue readers, and online and offline configuration tools.


Wallet for virtual access cards

The STid Mobile ID® app is used to store virtual access cards on your smartphone. 


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STid Mobile ID®  app is combined to a Bluetooth®  reader series:

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See our Architect® Blue reader series  >>


Easy, intuitive, without constraint 



Virtual cards promote acceptance of and compliance with the Security Policy of businesses, industries and governments. STid Mobile ID® is so user-friendly that it makes identification instinctive. Simply hold your hand up to the reader to open doors. This action alerts the reader to communicate with your smartphone, which can be in sleep mode in your pocket or mid-call in your hand. 


Five identification methods for a unique user experience. 


Contact   Slide  
Mode Badge

By placing your smartphone
in front of the reader.

Mode Slide

By placing your hand close to the reader without taking out your phone.

Tap Tap   Hands free  
Mode Tap Tap

By tapping your
smartphone twice in
your pocket for near

Mode Hands Free

By simply passing in front of the reader.

Mode Remote

By controlling your access
points remotely.



By offering these identification modes, the access controle becomes instinctive for users.



Keep control of your security

We are the only provider to offer the option of client-based hosting or remote hosting by a trusted third party, depending on client profiles and requirements.


STid offers platforms for local (offline) or remote (online) card creation / revocation so that organizations can remain autonomous and independent in access rights management.


Schema US



The Offline application is used to create virtual cards locally, just as for traditional plastic cards.  





- Fully local sandboxed programming

- Full control over security and configuration settings

- Plug & Play – no development



Using a secure Web portal, the online application can instantly and securely send a virtual card to the Android smartphone or iPhone of a remote user (visitor, new employee).



- Remote access on Web server

- Hosted at STid or on the client’s server

- Secure communication of rights between server and smartphone

- Dynamic rights management: remote creation, revocation and updates



The highest level of security 

With top-level security certification (CSPN) from the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI), STid can offer various levels of protection for your data.


STid Mobile ID® ensures data authenticity and confidentiality throughout the communication chain (smartphone, reader and system).