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Architect® series


Every now and again, things come along that completely transform our worldview, creating new benchmarks and challenging our well-worn concepts.

With its new Architect® concept, STid has created the perfect blend of high-security and scalability. STid is delighted to present the first modular range of secure readers, offering both flexibility and simplicity. By optimizing the design of our readers, we have developed a common RFID core that can be connected to a set of additional modules, such as a keyboard, biometrics or a touch screen.



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Create your own scalable configuration

The first ever modular range - offering you maximum flexibility!

The Architect® range is intuitive and dynamic, made up of smart, easy-to-connect modules. The concept can be tailored to your needs, offering an optimum solution for any situation and enabling all the functionalities and security levels to be upgraded across all your readers.

The modular nature of the range offers a greater degree of availability and services, whilst optimizing your inventory management by reducing the catalogue size by 40%.



Easy access to High Security

STid is the first RFID manufacturer to have received First Level Security Certification (CSPN) . This certification is a recognition of our unique know-how and the technological and security expertise that is implemented in your architecture, whether new or existing. Architect® readers use the latest contactless chip technologies with new data security mechanisms. All approved public encryption algorithms can be used (TDES, AES, RSA, HMAC-SHA-2, etc.), as acknowledged by official data security bodies (such as the French national agency ANSSI).

The innovative accelerometer-based tamper protection system means the reader can respond with precision to a threat, giving you the possibility to delete the authentication codes. Unlike the current solutions on the market (mechanical switches, optical sensors, reed switches, etc.), the reliability of this technology avoids it being outsmarted.



Ensure secure migration

The multi-technology Architect® range makes it easy to manage extensions, upgrades and technology migrations. Readers are compatible with leading market standards ISO14443 A & 3B and ISO18092. They support simultaneous reading of all chips in the NXP Mifare® family: Ultralight, Classic (1kB and 4kB), Ultralight C, Mifare Plus (S and X, 2kB and 4kB), DESFire and DESFire EV1.

They also support more specific products such as the CPS3 card used by French health professionals (IAS protocol), the Moneo electronic payment system and NFC transactions. Readers in the Architect® range can also be reprogrammed on site to upgrade to future technological options.


Vandal proof - Standing the test of time

The robust design and reinforced polycarbonate casing make the readers rugged enough for both indoor and outdoor use. The whole range (excluding connectors) is rated IP65 for its ability to withstand the most hostile climates and environment (watertight against water jets, fully dust-tight). The RFID readers and keypad are highly vandal proof (shockproof, flameproof, etc.).


Let your imagination flow

A signature reflects personal style choices. The design of Architect® readers is immediately recognizable, with a dynamic, elegant style featuring clear, stripped-back lines. By day or by night, the Architect® range displays its elegance with its set of multi-colored, high-intensity LEDs.

STid offers a range of customization options to tailor your reader to your corporate image and integrate it fully in its installation environment.


* Certified reader: LXSW33EPH57AD1 - ANSSI-CSPN-2013/03 19 march 2013