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About us

Subsidiary of the French group STid, IDSIMEX was created in 2001 to provide the Mexican and South American markets with the best solutions in contactless identification (RFID).


Our experience and a close relationship with the major constructors puts us as the leader in the commercialization and support of high value-added solutions for the industrial traceability market and security market (high security access control and parking access control).


We have a dual approach which allows us to guarantee the best suited solution for the needs of our customers. In one hand, providing key products and solutions in very high quality, we offer our customers the highest levels of security and technological independence. On the other hand, our research allows us to design specific hardware and software solutions made specifically for your business. We have developed specific skills for Healthcare markets, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Information Technology, etc.


It is through our capacity to design our own products and solutions that we have earned the trust of many customers in France, Mexico and international industries such as Thales, Renault, Eurocopter, Airbus, etc.


Official and exclusive distributor of STid

STid was established in 1996 and boasts more than 10 years of experience, specializing in radiofrequency contactless identification technologies (RFID). STid designs, produces and sells readers and tags for personal identification (access control, time-clocking etc.), vehicle identification (automated vehicle access control, fleet management, tracking etc.) and product identification (traceability for critical items, logistics, etc.).


STid offers a full range of products developed using RFID at all frequencies (125 kHz, 13.56 MHz and UHF) that are compatible with all chip technologies (NXP Mifare®, Mifare Plus®, DESFire EV1®, ST, EM, Inside, Legic, etc.) and international standards (ISO 14443 A-B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000, EPC).


As a pioneering RFID company, we quickly became a market leader through our ability to anticipate the rapid development in technology. Our specialized research and design departments have more than 80 years cumulative experience in RFID, whilst fostering an innovative approach to problem-solving and developing exciting new solutions.


Our R&D team is built around engineering experts who specialize in the design and development of RFID products and solutions. We can find solutions for your contactless identification needs and meet the technological challenges related to the specific environment your business operates in.


Our experience as an RFID hardware manufacturer and our close relationship with key players in various industries make STid the partner you need to talk about your specific contactless identification projects. We will offer you all our expertise in RFID solutions engineering and consultancy.


Over the years, STid has chosen to remain independent and open to all identification technologies, enabling us to select the most appropriate technology for your project. Transparency and total freedom in meeting your names.